Hospital Insurance

Your Unum Hospital Insurance includes $1,000 for each covered hospital admission, once per year, and $100 for each day of your covered hospital stay, up to 60 days, once per year. This coverage applies to you, your spouse and your dependent children up to age 26, regardless of marital or student status.

You receive benefits upon admission to the hospital for a covered accident, illness, or childbirth. The money is paid directly to you – not to the hospital or provider.

The benefits are compatible with a Health Savings Account (HSA), and you can take coverage with you after you leave Sprinklr – you’ll be billed directly.

  • Employee: $9.74
  • Spouse: $20.90
  • Child(ren): $14.18
  • Family: $25.34

Critical Illness Insurance

Your Unum Critical Illness Insurance includes $20,000 of coverage in the event you’re diagnosed with a covered illness – paid directly to you in a lump sum to be used at your discretion. If you purchase coverage for yourself, you can enroll for your spouse at 100% of your coverage, and your children from live birth are automatically covered at no extra cost up to age 26.

Covered illnesses are heart attack, stroke, major organ failure, Alzheimer’s, invasive cancer, and skin cancer. Coronary artery disease is 50% covered and noninvasive cancer is 25% covered. Children are covered for all above illnesses, plus cerebral palsy, cleft lip or palate, cystic fibrosis, down syndrome, and spina bifida if diagnosis occurs after coverage effective date.

  • Pricing varies by age/coverage amount

Accident Insurance

Your Unum Accident Insurance covers you in the event that you have an accident either on or off the job- from common injuries to more serious events. Your coverage can help with out-of-pocket costs that your medical plan does not cover, like copays and deductibles. You can enroll in basic coverage without having to answer any health questions.

Premiums are deducted directly from your pay-check each pay period, and you can take coverage with you after you leave Sprinklr or retire – you’ll be billed directly.

  • Employee: $9.02
  • Spouse: $14.42
  • Child(ren): $17.84
  • Family: $23.24

ARAG Legal Insurance

ARAG covers a wide range of legal needs including, debt related matters, tax issues, estate planning, real estate, and home ownership and more. Find out more by checking out the ARAG legal insurance flyer.

How the Plan Works

  1. Call ARAG® Customer Care when you have a legal matter.
  2. Customer Care will walk you through your options and assist you with your search for a network attorney.
  3. You meet with your network attorney either over the phone or in-person to begin resolving your legal issue.

You have two options for coverage:


  • Consumer protection
  • Criminal matters
  • Debt-related matters
  • Driving matters
  • Tax issues
  • Family
  • Services for tenants
  • Real estate and home ownership
  • Wills & estate planning

UltimateAdvisor PlusTM

Includes everything covered by UltimateAdvisor, plus:

  • Services for parents/grandparents
  • Divorce
  • Miscellaneous legal services
  • Financial planning education
  • And more

Complete list of what your plan covers
Access Code: 18967spr

  • UltimateAdvisor: $17.75
  • UltimateAdvisor Plus: $23.25

Pets Best Program

Pets Best pet insurance offers flexible and customizable coverage so that you can choose the plan that works for you.

Pets Best offers these advantages:

  • Use any licensed veterinarian in the US or Canada — including specialty and emergency clinics
  • Exclusive 10% employee discount on a BestBenefit plan when you use Sprinklr’s reference discount code (available soon)
  • Optional coverage for routine care
  • Around the clock support from the 24/7 pet helpline
  • Easy claims submission
  • Self-service through the Pets Best mobile app

If You Want Pets Best Insurance Coverage

You can enroll directly with Pets Best and pay your premium directly to the vendor. This coverage is not offered through Workday. To enroll, please visit: Sprinklr Pet Insurance | Pets Best

If You Want to Keep the Total Pet Plan Coverage You Have Now

Our 2023 pet discount program, Total Pet Plan, will end on Dec. 31, 2023. However, if you are enrolled in this program, you may be able to continue coverage at your employee benefit rate through Pet Benefit Solutions. For more information, call 1-800-891-2565, or email:


Identity Protection

Your Allstate Identity Protection provides identity protection through identity monitoring, credit tracking, and remediation. Services include:

  • Advanced tools – Sex offender alert, enhanced social monitoring/social account takeover, child coverage, identity theft remediation and more.
  • Identity and financial – Identity and dark web monitoring, cred/non-credit applications and mortgage/ auto loans, utilities, public records, and address change verification, and more.
  • Credit monitoring – Tri-bureau credit monitoring, fraud alerts or freeze on credits, online credit report, instant inquiry monitoring & alerts, and more.
  • Customer care – Available 24/7/365, educational webinar trainings, dedicated case manager, limited Power of Attorney, pre-existing ID theft, online identity restoration.
  • Individual: $9.95
  • Family: $17.95