Medical plan features for all options will stay the same in 2024, with added plan enhancements.

Medical plan rates for the 2024 plan have been updated to reflect current market trend. Even though we’re in a passive enrollment period (meaning you can maintain your existing medical election without re-enrolling), we strongly recommend reviewing the new 2024 rates  before finalizing your medical plan choices.


Enhanced! Kindbody Fertility Benefits

Starting Jan. 1, 2024, all U.S.-based benefit-eligible Sprinklrites and their spouses/domestic partners are eligible for up to a $20,000 lifetime maximum benefit (currently $5,000) to be used towards family planning and fertility services.


New & Expanded Cigna Resources

  • Unlimited Nutrition Visits through Cigna
  • SafeGuardRx® for Cigna Weight Management Program
  • Omada Now Offers Complete Care for Diabetes and Hypertension

Cigna Resources

New! TouchCare Benefits Concierge and Advocacy Service

Starting October 1, 2023, we’re introducing TouchCare, our new health care concierge and advocacy service. TouchCare offers confidential support for you and your loved ones on a range of topics—from benefits enrollment to billing queries. Plus, you’ll have a personal Health Assistant with TouchCare, ready to give confidential guidance whenever you need it.



The dental plan options will stay the same except for enhancements to orthodontia services:

  • Dental PPO plan will add coverage for orthodontia services for dependents up to age 18 only, up to a lifetime maximum of $1,000 per covered participant (currently $0).
  • Dental PPO Plus plan will be available to adults AND dependents up to age 18 and the lifetime maximum is increasing to $2,000 per covered participant (currently $1,000).


Health Savings Account (HSA)

You must re-elect your HSA contributions each year to participate. Your current elections will not roll over.

For 2024, IRS maximum contribution limits are increasing:

  • Employee only: $4,150 (currently ($3,850)
  • Family: $8,300 (currently $7,750)


Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

You must re-elect your FSA contributions each year to participate. Your current elections will not roll over.

IRS maximum contributions limits are:

  • General Purpose Health care FSA and Combination Health care FSA: $3,050 (projected to be $3,200 in 2024). For 2024, any unused funds in your account at the end of the year, up to $640, will roll over to the 2025 plan year, if you re-enroll in the FSA.
  • Dependent Day Care FSA: No changes; the maximum remains at $5,000 per household or $2,500 if married, filing separately. No annual rollover; these funds are use-it-or-lose-it.


New Pet Insurance Provider

We have a new pet insurance provider for 2024, Pets Best, that will replace our current coverage through Total Pet Plan. However, you will have an option to continue Total Pet Plan coverage if you choose.

Pet Insurance

Reduced rates! Identity Protection through Allstate

For 2024, Allstate will feature new, discounted monthly rates for the same great identity protection coverage you know and love.

2024 rates will be:

  • Individual: $6.50 (currently $9.95)
  • Family: $12.50 (currently $17.95)

Identity Protection through Allstate